About Our Company

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28 Years as a Leader in Breast Health Education and Breast Health Navigator Training

EduCare Inc., a dedicated breast health education company, was founded in January 1994 by Judy C. Kneece, RN, OCN. For more than 28 years, EduCare has been a leader in providing the highest quality breast health educational materials for patients and healthcare providers, along with training healthcare professionals.

EduCare Firsts

The company's mission has remained constant since the beginning, to continue providing high-quality educational tools to empower women to navigate a breast cancer diagnosis and to support healthcare professionals in their role.

"Education and caring is our company philosophy. Our goal is to raise the benchmark in healthcare delivery and improve the experience for those diagnosed with breast cancer. Over 258,000 women and men diagnosed yearly with invasive and in situ cancers deserve our best."

EduCare President