Breast Cancer Support Partner Handbook

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9th Edition

    24 Years of Publication

  • Designed to be given to the support person of a breast cancer patient
  • Serves as a guide to promote physical and emotional recovery of a loved one
  • Explains how to help children cope
  • Covers all aspects of breast cancer treatment
  • Describes recognizable side effects of treatment and how to deal with them
  • Offers guidelines for effective communication

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    Breast Cancer Support Partner Handbook

Topics Include:

  • Understanding the Vital Role of Your Support
  • What is a Support Partner?
  • The Initial Diagnosis
  • Dealing With Your Own Emotional Pain
  • Understanding the Impact on the One You Love
  • What Do I Do First?
  • Telling the Children
  • Health Insurance and Employment Issues
  • Support Groups
  • Understanding Breast Cancer
  • Breast Cancer Decisions
  • Surgical Decisions
  • Reconstructive Surgery
  • Facing Surgery Together
  • Resuming Communications: What Do I Say?
  • Understanding the Pathology Report
  • Treatments for Breast Cancer
  • Your Partnership in Recovery
  • Sexuality After Breast Cancer
  • Future Fertility
  • Her Emotional Adjustment to Breast Cancer
  • Managing the Fear of Recurrence
  • Shared Insights on Coping
  • Glossary

  • Features

    Full-color Graphic Illustrations

    Support Partner Inspirational and Emotional Support

    Experiences of Three Support Partners

    Focus Group Data on Sexuality and Physical Changes After Breast Cancer Treatment.

    Resources, Recommended Reading and a Full Glossary