Breast Cancer Support Partner Handbook

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8th Edition

    23 Years of Publication

  • Designed to be given to the support person of a breast cancer patient
  • Serves as a guide to promote physical and emotional recovery of a loved one
  • Explains how to help children cope
  • Covers all aspects of breast cancer treatment
  • Describes recognizable side effects of treatment and how to deal with them
  • Offers guidelines for effective communication

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    Breast Cancer Support Partner Handbook

Topics Include:

  • Understanding the Vital Role of Your Support
  • What is a Support Partner?
  • The Initial Diagnosis
  • Dealing With Your Own Emotional Pain
  • Understanding the Impact on the One You Love
  • What Do I Do First?
  • Telling the Children
  • Health Insurance and Employment Issues
  • Support Groups
  • Understanding Breast Cancer
  • Breast Cancer Decisions
  • Surgical Decisions
  • Reconstructive Surgery
  • Facing Surgery Together
  • Resuming Communications: What Do I Say?
  • Understanding the Pathology Report
  • Treatments for Breast Cancer
  • Your Partnership in Recovery
  • Sexuality After Breast Cancer
  • Future Fertility
  • Her Emotional Adjustment to Breast Cancer
  • Managing the Fear of Recurrence
  • Shared Insights on Coping
  • Glossary

  • Features

    56 Graphic Illustrations

    Support Partner Inspirational and Emotional Support

    Experiences of Three Support Partners

    Focus Group Data on Sexuality and Physical Changes After Breast Cancer Treatment.

    Resources, Recommended Reading and a Full Glossary