Male Breast Cancer Treatment Handbook


1st Edition, 2018

  • Designed to be given to newly diagnosed male patients by their Physician or Nurse.
  • A comprehensive patient guide for male breast cancer treatment and recovery.
  • Designed to help patients work as partners with their healthcare team.
  • Covers all aspects of breast cancer from diagnosis to recovery.

  • Features:

    No Treatment Recommendations:
    Information is provided along with lists of questions to ask healthcare providers.

    Self-Care Tips: Allows patients to maximize their quality of life.

    Full-Color Graphic Illustrations:
    Detailed illustrations make difficult topics easy to understand.

    Treatment Records:
    14 pages provide personal treatment recording.

    Full Breast Cancer Glossary:
    Explains hard-to-understand medical terms in patient language.

    Breast Cancer Drug List:
    Helps the patient understand and prepare for potential side effects.

    Diagnostic Tests:
    Explains testing procedures and teaches patients how to prepare for each test.

Handbook Topics Include:

  • Male Breast Cancer Diagnosis
  • Talking About Your Cancer Diagnosis
  • Communicating With Your Healthcare Team
  • What Is Male Breast Cancer?
  • The Surgical Experience
  • Understanding Your Pathology Report
  • Chemotherapy Treatments
  • Radiation Therapy
  • The Stress of Cancer
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • Sexuality During and After Cancer Treatment
  • Diet and Exercise
  • Health Insurance and Employment Issues
  • Monitoring Your Health for Recurrence
  • Facing the Future After Breast Cancer
  • Understanding Diagnostic Tests
  • Understanding Chemotherapy Drugs
  • Understanding Clinical Trials
  • Glossary
  • Health Symptoms Record