Breast Cancer Survivorship Handbook

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2nd Edition

Educate, Encourage and Empower Your Patients

The Breast Cancer Survivorship Handbook addresses the next challenge for a breast cancer patient -- managing her survivorship. Just like a breast cancer diagnosis, survivorship brings its own set of challenges and adaptations. Survivorship also requires managing psychological and social issues along with physical changes and follow-up care.

The Breast Cancer Survivorship Handbook empowers a patient to thrive by explaining lingering breast cancer treatment side effects and how to manage them. The book addresses the seldom-discussed issues of sexuality and the management of lingering depression and anxiety and, most importantly, what to do about them. Throughout the book are quotes from patients, inspirational thoughts to encourage and "how to" tips. It is about triumphant survivorship and the challenge of no longer focusing on cancer, but focusing on the gift of life after cancer.

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Breast Cancer Survivorship Handbook

Handbook Topics Include:

  • Managing the Fear of Recurrence
  • Understanding Family Cancer Risk
  • Communicating With Your Healthcare Team
  • Follow-Up Care After Breast Cancer
  • Potential Side Effects After Treatment
  • Caring for Your Surgical Arm Care
  • Managing Fatigue After Cancer Treatment
  • Managing Menopausal Side Effects
  • Dealing With Memory Changes
  • Dealing With Body Image Issues
  • Fertility After Treatment
  • Dealing With Numbness in Hands and Feet
  • Managing Chronic Anxiety and Depression
  • Understanding Hormonal Medications
  • Making Personal and Legal Decisions
  • Spirituality's Role in Recovery
  • Evaluating Different Cancer Treatments
  • Planning a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Patient Resources
  • Index
  • Tear-Out Worksheets

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