Patients Introduction

Welcome to EduCare's Web site dedicated to you, the patient. You are the reason EduCare exists. We continually strive to develop products and training for professional healthcare providers to improve the care and education that you receive.

In 1985 I was introduced to breast cancer through the diagnosis of a sister-in-law. While serving as her primary support partner, I witnessed the challenges a diagnosis brought-it was more than surgery and treatment-it was also about the emotional and social challenges that came with the diagnosis.

As an oncology nurse in 1990, I decided to direct my nursing career toward improving a woman's experience with breast cancer. Since then, I have worked passionately to provide patients with an up-to-date and easy-to-understand patient guide, the Breast Cancer Treatment Handbook, to maneuver through the challenges a breast cancer diagnosis brings into the life of a patient and their family. Breast cancer is an unexpected visitor that comes suddenly, demands attention and demands that action be taken. Women often describe their response at diagnosis as "unprepared," "helpless," "loss of control" and "overwhelmed." If you feel, or have felt, this way-you are normal. It is my job to help you regain your control and prepare you to master the journey through treatment and arrive at recovery with a renewed sense of strength and self esteem.

After twenty-six years of experience as a Breast Health Navigator and Trainer, I give to you my best information on how to make the breast cancer experience manageable. Leave your worries here! You can do this. Like thousands of other women, you can become a survivor who may have scars on her chest, but NOT scars on her heart.

It is my privilege to share this journey with you.